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A section of the Calderini Museum is devoted to autographs of eminent people, rare books and parchments.
Many autograph letters were donated to Pietro Calderini by Luigi Rolandi, great-granddaughter of Pietro, an editor born in Quarona and owner of a bookstore in London, which became the meeting place of many Italian emigrants. Many of these are autographs by protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento, such as Silvio Pellico, Giuseppe Mazzini, Giuseppe Garibaldi.
After the birth of the Museum, it was inevitable the creation of a section incorporating the vast book holdings of the Society for the Support to the Study of Drawing. The book collection was enriched with rare and revelant scientific and naturalistic publications, such as the Di Pedacio Dioscoride Anazarbeo Libri cinque della historia & materia medicinale (The Five Books of Pedacius Dioscorides Anazarbeus on and Medicine its History): a text on botany and pharmacy of the XVI Century, which the doctor and humanist Pietro Andrea Mattioli from Siena wrote as a comment on Pedanius Dioscorides De materia Medica (I Century A.D.). The book is actually in the Laboratory of Restoration and Bookbinding of the Central Archive of the State in Turin.