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Events hall

Event Date 13/09/2017

The ancient Hall of Building of the Museums, was realized in the second half of the nineteenth century as a representation place of the Società di Incoraggiamento allo Studio del Disegno. Is characterized by the decorative wealth, absent in the other parts of the Building.

Thought for entertaining and to involve the city public, the classroom is crowned from a beautiful loggia or practicable balcony along the whole perimeter and encircled by a pompous gilded wooden handrail carved from the Laboratory Barolo.

All around, along the walls perimetrali, framed in building niches, the busts of the famous characters are exposed: a sort of gallery, of local Pantheon.

The vast ceiling is painted with allegorical figures in 1899 from Francis Burlazzi, teacher and manager of the the school of sketch and from the painter decorator valsesiano Andrea Bonini.

An irreplaceable space of the memory, an environment of prestige where you can welcome the public.

It’s a ideal place for events, concerts, conferences and suppers of frill.

The place is endowed with a system of basic illumination, plant audio, video projector, platform with table for the chairmen, sat for the guests and adjacent hygienic services.

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