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Event October 1th 2016

Event Date 01/10/2016

Saturday, October 1th Palazzo dei Musei hosted the ceremony for Vittorio Galli, President of the Society for the Support to the Study of Drawing and for the Preservation of the Artworks in Valsesia from 1986 to 2012, af the hall dedicated at Antonio d’Enrico known as Tanzio da Varallo. An acknowledgment of the work and dedication he had in the years of his presidency.

Vittorio Galli enters in the Society for Preservation of the Artworks in Valsesia since childhood: it was his grandfather to associate it. Of Valesian origins, born in Turin and resides in Novara, but always returns to Varallo in the family home and often has the opportunity to visit the Pinacoteca. Graduating studies and degree in economics and commerce do not prevent him from appreciating art: he will in fact also be a passionate partner of the FAI novarese. To accountant business, therefore, affords this passion that, once President, deepens through a meticulous dedication to the management of the Pinacoteca, reserving a lot of energy for funding and managing every practical aspect. It follows everything from Novara, working daily for Palazzo dei Musei.

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